Healing the body and mind, together 

I am a therapist, writer and educator who works with a wide variety of individuals and groups. My research and clinical expertise subjects includes: gender identity, substance use, HIV/AIDS, sex and sexuality, trauma, lived experience in the foster system and divorce. It is a true honor to serve individuals who are seeking change and navigating immense challenges in their life. I am here to provide support, expertise and a safe container in which you can show up as 100% yourself.  I center each client's lived experience and seek to assist you on the path towards finding your truth, belonging and wholeness. 

My approach is mind/body centered, and allows for safe exploration of unexpressed emotion and body-stored trauma. I am trained in: Somatic Experiencing, Sensate Focus Work, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Relational Somatic Healing, Internal Family Systems, Motivational Interviewing. I also incorporate an understanding of neuroscience, poly-vagal, mindfulness, attachment theory and relational methods.


  • Relationships and relational challenges
  • Marital challenges and divorce
  • Trauma (historical, communal and personal) 
  • Couples 
  • Sex and sexuality 


I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) working with individuals in California. I have worked with a wide variety of individuals looking to expand and grow with regular therapy sessions. I am passionate about helping people feel liberated in their expression of gender, sex and sexuality. I often work with individuals who have substance and alcohol use challenges, depression, anxiety, and disabilities. 


My coaching fits squarely in my desire to assist transgender, gender nonconforming, gender expansive adults and children in reaching their full potential. I am a trans identified individual with over 24 years of experience traversing a multitude of challenges in my own quest for proper care and treatment. I come with over 12 years of working within trans communities, to assist those who are looking for information on sex, gender exploration, sexuality and relationships from a trans identified person. 


My presentations and workshops for offer at this moment are: 

- Working with LGBTQQI patients in the clinical setting 

- "I've Never Worked With a Transgender Client" - Research Based Information on Best Practices When Working With Trans Clients

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